Bluebonnet Premium Flower Stake
  • Bluebonnet Premium Flower Stake

    If you are from Texas or ever been then you probably have enjoyed the beauty of the bluebonnet, seeing a field of bluebonnets is a picturesque sight to see and photographed by everyone. Even if you are not from Texas the bluebonnet is a favorite flower of all garden enthusiast. This stake is such a great replica of the Texas Bluebonnets.


    Our premium Bluebonnet leaves are a good representation of the leaves on the actual bluebonnet. It is made from stainless steel flatware and a stainless steel rod to help withstand the test of time. The approximate dimensions are front to back 5 1/4", side to side 5 1/4" and overall height 19".


    We offer 4 attachment pieces to add even more astonishing beauty to this flower stake:            

    Hummingbird $42.00, Butterfly $18.00, Sm. Dragonfly $18.00 and Lg. Dragonfly $22.00                           




    • Care Instructions

      The stainless steel flatware will stay silver but if you like it can be cleaned with a stainless steel cleaner of any kind. The piece might get some discoloration areas where I have welded pieces together and it may not.

    • Tech Info

      The flatware is 18/0 stainless steel with 308 stainless steel rods. Although it is made with stainless steel it might be accessible to some rust from the atmospheric conditions over time in the welded areas.  Even though every piece is similar I individually tig weld, buff and polish each creative design.