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Ladybug Hydro Dipped
  • Ladybug Hydro Dipped

    The hydro graphic dipped ladybug has such a creative appeal with the Hypnotic design. It would make a great addition to your home decor or office desk as a paperweight. Also, a cute whimsical decor to a garden, potted plant, planter box or patio. What a unique gift for someone that has it all, loves ladybugs or your just looking for something fun that will brighten up anyone's day.


    The ladybug is made from stainless steel flatware and stainless steel rods. It is painted in an auto quality bronze, hydro dipped, then three coats of a UV clear are added. Each one is individually created so there will be slight differences between them such as quantity and placement of the (holes) spots that are punched out of the spoon and the pattern of the hydro graphic film will vary.  The approximate dimensions are 1 1/2" T x 2" W x 3" D.

    • Care Instructions

      If you like it can be cleaned with dry or damp cloth

    • Tech Info

      The flatware is 18/0 stainless steel with 308 stainless steel rods. The quantity of the (holes) spots placement are individually punched out of the spoon and will vary on each piece. The ladybug has been dipped with hydro graphic film and the back is painted with a bronze OHW auto quality paint. The entire ladybug has 3 coats of a uv clear coat. Even though every piece is similar I individually tig weld each creative design.